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One of the most used presentation software programs available with a ton of customization tools

One of the most used presentation software programs available with a ton of customization tools

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Version: 2016

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Microsoft Powerpoint 2016 updates the popular business-oriented presentation tool with new collaborative features and a new streamlined workflow. As before, the software generates detailed graphical elements. It fills pages with business data and financial information, transforms that information into a visually appealing form, and places the output on digital slides. The user then organizes these "slides" into a compelling narrative. On taking a tour through the new features, let's look at the improved Presentation Recording mode and the new Designer service. Take note, an Office 365 subscriber plan is required to take advantage of many of these new features.

At its core, the program creates seamless animations. They come together as graphic elements and transformable text on a display screen (overhead projector). The production resembles a dynamic slideshow, a virtual presentation that conveys a strong message. Static graphs and business-oriented project assets are gone with the proverbial dinosaurs as Powerpoint 2016 imbues formerly motionless graphics with visual impact. Basically, all of this storytelling lends the presentation context. This latest revision keeps shape animating and text transforming prowess firmly at the core of the package, but those functions are now streamlined and automated. Time-saving extras include the SmartArt Graphic conversion tool and the Design Ideas mode. The former tool converts plain bulleted text into attractive graphics. As for the latter mode, it exists to analyze in-progress slides and to then offer alternative graphic components.

Automation and a newly designed collaborative workflow act in tandem to remove the grunt work. The slides come together manually, perhaps with a suggestion or two from the smart interface. Alternatively, many tasks are built to enhance productivity, so they subscribe to partial or fully automated control settings. Likewise, the collaboration layout enables different project leaders to log on and work on slides. The editable regions are clearly outlined, a chat facility is available, and annotated comments are assignable. Again, this sharing feature works smoothly from concept to final authoring stage, and it extends to cover every product within the Office 2016 family.

Powerpoint 2016 is packed with new features, although some only unlock when the user has an Office 365 subscription. Otherwise, this is a substantial step forward. New tools help business types and college students to quickly construct a compelling visual aid, a series of computerized slides. Unlike static graphics, these little graphical packages animate charts and graphs. They scale text and transform typefaces. In short, this is a dynamic visual format, one that injects its visual components with motion and multimedia. Undoubtedly, many existing features have been polished and enhanced, automated and streamlined, but there is a host of truly new and useful updates within this new version, including a Morph Transition feature (Office 365 only).


  • The cornerstone for professional presentation software
  • Newly streamlined
  • Automates routine tasks
  • Converts text into SmartArt


  • An Office 365 subscription is required for some features
  • The automated tools encourage lazy authoring

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